I am Ashley Truitt. You are Ashley Truitt. WE are Ashley Truitt.

The ONE scientific fact that seems to ring true with all scientists today is WE ARE ALL ONE.

The ONE religious truth for ALL who believe in GOD is that WE ARE ALL ONE.

The ONE experience all artists know to be at the heart of reality is WE ARE ALL ONE.
The children of today are living in the greatest revolution known to our planet. A revolution in every aspect of life on earth. Unprecedented change and transition occurring and shifting in all areas of believe systems. Being a Child in today's world means being an artistic master at being able to surf the primitive, agriculture, industrial, information, conceptual, magical, and utopian ages within a culture that has no means or ways to teach the children how to surf the ages.

The guilty ONE is our culture. The Children are innocent. Innocent out of not being taught the skills of listening to oneself or innocent by not being able to hear through the fear of cultural insanity. The Children are innocent.

Our world connected to the information age is transforming and changing so rapidly soon all the worlds information will double by the time you get out of bed in the morning and go to bed at night. Being a master surfer in dealing with Change and transition is the core of cultural reality.


I forgive my parents for having sex and opening a doorway to my existence, I forgive GOD for having created a place for me to occupy that is filled with so much diversity and insanity that finding a peaceful place of truth within my heart is almost impossible with all the noise. I forgive my teachers and mentors in teaching this and that through systems of learning which has no connection to my individual unique miraculous artistic genius, within the concept of loving and nurturing oneself. I forgive our leaders for creating mammoth fighting forces which have brought death and destruction around the world. I forgive mothers of have aborted the innocent children for what ever reason. I forgive all the innocent children of the world. I forgive myself, for not living fully, totally and completely within the heart of  reality of my own individual unique miraculous artistic genius, and sharing that with everyone else's genius to co-create systems of cultural sanity. Every Child Matters. Here and now is the time and place to FORGIVE and TRANSFORM and CHANGE our systems into a age of artistic surfers. Time to open the doors to serving humankind with the individual unique miraculous genius that WE are....Time for everyone to be set free that is wasting resources for a culture in the midst of revolutionary change. Forgive me for asking to PLEASE RELEASE ASHLEY TRUITT, so she may be of service to all the children of the world ...a world that allows 35, 000 children a day to die of starvation and neglect. Ashley Truitt was an innocent child and has made the transition through the darkness and into the light of being of service to the children of the world.

One World. One Dream. One Heart.

December 18th 2008, Broward County Courthouse.
I called Gregg Rossman today  to ask him, " how can I change a terrible situation into something that creates a new shining light into the culture?" I believe the time to FREE Ashley Truitt is now, the time for Ashley Truitt to be fully, totally and completely free to shine her individual unique miraculous artistic genius with the children of the world is NOW!
Gregg, who is the father of two children and a coach advised me to show up in court to speak from the heart of my reality that the judge and court might hear my plea.

Gregg also told me to contact Ashley Truitts Lawyer, Allison Gilman,  to see if there was anythinig else I
could do.


Makiah's Bill, every child matters. Join the White House Dream Team.US

Time to Be our genius. Share our genius. and Listen whole heartedly to every child on the planet.